Environmental, Safety & Health Management System Overview
Implementations stage will be emphasizing more on area such as development a process and organizational structure of communication, define a group to make decisions regarding internal and external communication, define roles and responsibilities, develop and implement training as needed, define a  process for maintaining documents, establish an organization structure for responding to emergencies and accidents.
Standard and control non-schedule waste bins color code, schedule waste code & store area

Spillage control Equipment facility at Maruwa

a. Bonding equipment whenever happend any type ofoil or chemical spillage easy to control this equipment
b. spillage kits to all type.
c. Emergency Van to fasted movement'
d. spillage flow chart (prevention action taken)
To be provided PPE items and safety facility to care employees and employers safety

a. Provided PPE for each section
b. Safety compliance hand book (all goverment requirments ) mesin safety and others. This booklet all section must be read before
start / operate any work in the process line.
c. Mesin safety, work permit for internal or external will be carried out by employee and constructor.
To be have Emergency Response team  group and  Emergency facility

a. Every sunday, Public holiday  ERT will be standby or duty to care all the properity MMSB
b. emergency flow chart  for direction to do.
c. Safety facility (Fire Alarm Panel, CMS system & Ememrgency contact number for internal and external, Emergency exit route )

Safety Identification Hazard and HIRARC for individual dept & section
i) To be do daily finding (Identification Hazard Audit Finding Report)
ii) to be provided HIRARC / SOP for each Job function.

ERT training
a. To be do fire drill activity
b. ERT fire awareness activity
c. Spillage control activity (training)
d. Usage of  fire fighting equipments

To be provided Assembly point & Fire fighting equipments

a. Fire extnguisher
b. Fire sprinkler, hydrant, smoke detector, fire blankt curtain, co2 system and others
c. Provided walkway area because of safety purpose.

Daily carried out Safety audit individual dept  together with ERT members and Sub Safety Committee members and does
presentation every firday meeting (talk about safety finding and improvement activity )