The company name MARUWA means "to join forces with harmony". In addition, the MARUWA logo uses blue, which is said to express hope, to express the "harmony, connection, and bonds between people", which is also the origin of the company name.

We value people.
We believe that companies can expect continuous growth and development only when they value and utilize the strengths and individually of each individual, and that these should not be suppressed or distorted for the sake of the company. We hope that the growth and development of our company will lead to the happiness of not only our employees, but also the local community and many people, and we are doing our utmost in daily business activities.

In recent years, the importance of preserving the natural environment on this earth where we live has been called out from various aspects. We are very happy that the opportunities for our ceramic products to be used for these natural environments are increasing, and the demands and expectations for new products are becoming stronger and stronger.

Toshiro Kanbe

Company Motto

Always be professional,
Never satisfied with the status quo.

Basic Principle

The three roots of our trunk:

Advancement of the company
Welfare of the workforce
Satisfaction of the shareholders

Quality Policy

-Establish customer through quality management
It is the MARUWA staff's commitment to be a unique 'quality-first'
manufacturer to meet the changing market needs.

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