Environmental, Safety & Health Management System Overview
Environmental,Safety and Health (ESH) Management system is an integral and essential part of the we do our business and is considered and an equal part of the wider system for the management of our business.Through effective management, Maruwa aims to be the preferred Ceramic Manufacturer and the favoured employer.The requirements set out in this document constitute.
The expectations for Group compliance with Maruwa policy. The purpose of this document is to describe.

*  The structure for the mangement of Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) within the Maruwa groups
*  The expectations for each element of the ESH Management System. It is responsibility of each groups to
determine how these expectations and requirements are to be achieved.


Maruwa expects its personnel to achieve year-one-year improvement in safety performance while Driving to "Workers safe,Company save" - zero safety incidents, zero injuries and zero days off work due to injury; in other word, a perfect ESH record. Driving to Workers safe means accepting that every incident is preventable.
* See It - Consistent in Identify and Rectify hazards and risks.
* Think It - Looks for best countermeasures for overcoming the hazards and risks
* Do It- Take pro active actions towards making safe working environment.
The directions and apptoaches of above said vision, a " decision to change" and three safety principles had made Maruwa  citizen as a role model in keeping Maruwa as a safety Company and Environmental  free.


The Maruwa's ESH Management System defines the elements by which we will conduct our operations worldwide in order to protect our worker, the public, our property and the environment in which they work and live. The ESH Management System model is comprised of five interrelated elements with underlying expectations:
- ESH Policy
- Planning
- Implementation
- Monitoring
- Management Review

Each Maruwa groups must communicate these expectations to all employees, customer and third parties associated with our business. Each Maruwa groups must provide positive evidence of conformance to this Management System and continuous improvement.