Human Rights

Basic Philosophy

People-Centered Corporate Management, Instilled in the Company Since Its Founding

MARUWA recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and conducts its business activities based on the highest ethical standards. We understand the importance of human rights and are aware of our corporate responsibility to respect human rights.
"Working together in harmony" as expressed in our company name, MARUWA has been a people-oriented company since its establishment. We continue to respect our employees, the global community, local communities, and the many people who support our business activities and will do our utmost to realize a sustainable society.

  • Respect for Human Rights

    Understanding and Respecting the Diverse Values of Individuals, Countries, and Regions

    In addition to respecting the human rights of every employee, MARUWA understands and respects internationally recognized standards and the laws, cultures, customs, and values of the countries and regions in which we operate.

  • Elimination of Discrimination and Harassment

    Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment Based on High Ethical Standards

    We do not engage in discrimination or harassment based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or nationality, disability, pregnancy, or any other reason in hiring, placement, training, compensation, promotion, or other employment practices.

  • Humanitarian Treatment

    Making It Easier for Everyone to Work by Eliminating Unpleasant or Inhumane Treatment

    We do not tolerate any unpleasant or inhumane treatment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, physical or mental oppression, or verbal abuse.

Free Choice of Employment

Eliminate Employee Disadvantages and Promote Voluntary Work

We do not tolerate forced labor, bonded labor, or human trafficking. All work is voluntary, and employees are allowed the freedom to take time off work or terminate their employment relationship if they give reasonable notice as per their contract.
We make every effort to provide notice of working conditions to all employees in their native language or a language they can understand. In addition, we do not require the submission of identification documents or the payment of fees as a condition of employment. If it is discovered that a fee has been paid by an employee, it shall be reimbursed to the employee concerned.

  • Young Workers

    Protect Child Welfare With Healthy Employment and Working Environment

    We do not engage in child labor in our business activities. The term child as used herein refers to a person under 15 years old, the age at which compulsory education is complete, or the minimum employment age of the country, whichever is the highest.

    In addition, we do not allow employees under the age of 18 to engage in work that may endanger their health or safety.

  • Working Conditions

    Appropriate Working Conditions in Compliance With Relevant Laws and Regulations

    Regarding working hours, breaks, holidays, and vacations, we comply with international norms and relevant laws and regulations of each country and region where we conduct business activities. In addition, overtime work shall be paid at a higher hourly wage than the normal hourly wage.

    We provide employees with a well-informed and easy-to-understand payslip at the right time to ensure accurate compensation for the work they perform during each payment period.

    In addition, wages will not be reduced as disciplinary action beyond the standards stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.

  • Communication Between Employees and Management

    Creating an Organization Where Everyone Can Easily Give Their Opinions

    When employees or their representatives have opinions or concerns about working conditions or management practices, we will strive to communicate and share them openly with management. In doing so, we will ensure that they can be addressed without fear of discrimination, retaliation, intimidation, or harassment.

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